2017 New York City E Prix – Venturi GP Newsletter Saturday

2017 New York City E Prix – Venturi GP Newsletter

 – The E Prix in New York City is the first motor-racing event ever to have 

   been held in the US-American metropolis

–  An action-packed race, great atmosphere on the grandstands as well as 

  New York’s skyline as backdrop make for a fascinating event  

– Maro Engel wins a point for the fastest race lap 

All those involved agreed regarding one thing: “The fact that this race is held represents a minor miracle.” Never ago was New York’s tarmac the venue of a motor-sport event. Consequently, the New Yorkers were particularly curios to see the e-racers.

At the beginning of the event, nearly everybody was convinced that overtaking on the narrow circuit with the tight corners in Brooklyn would be virtually impossible but then, the drivers surprised crowds, teams and pundits with numerous courageous manoeuvres.

Maro Engel, Venturi regular, was one of the most successful overtakers. Following a shut down on his qualifying lap he had to start from the last position on the starting grid but the Monaco resident gained seven positions in the first third of the race. Then, however, Nicola Prost, the son of the French multi-time F1 World Champion Alain Prost, hit Engel’s right rear wheel and the German had to cruise back to the pits with a puncture.

“Just as we did in Berlin we scored a point for the fastest race lap,” said Engel. “It’s only a small dose of solace but we know at least that we have got the pace it takes to deliver in tomorrow’s race.”

The New York E Prix is a double header featuring two races on two days. “This also represents a second chance for me,” says Tom Dillmann. The French Venturi driver held the fine ninth place up to the final lap but short before the finish his wheels locked and he dropped back to 13th. “My accelerator got stuck for a moment, I don’t know what was going on. I rationed my energy well and had a good strategy, but it wasn’t to be, today.”

Tomorrow, the drivers will have to contest another qualifying session and another race, which will last six laps longer than today’s event, meaning that managing the energy will represent an even bigger challenge than today.

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