The Venturi Formula ​-​ eTeam is back ​on the East Coast of South America 140 km from the capital city of Montevi​deo​, Uruguay ​in the cool, sunny town of Punta Del Este which is hosting Round 3 of the FIA Formulae 2015/2016 championship ​ with an additional day planned on Sunday December 20th for official Formula-e testing. ​

​Punta ePrix: Saturday December 19th at 4pm

The race will ​begin at 4 pm local time on S​aturday on the​ long and​ demanding track (2.785km) ​ which is situated next to sand dunes and prone to strong winds. The area is great for surfing​ – but ​makes for a​ very slippery race with sand grains all over the streets providing constantly changing conditions. The twisty design with ​20 turns is a very good place for ​an entertaining​ battle but a very risky one which allows no room for ​mistakes​.

From the beginning of the season,​ the team has achieved good results with the ​implementation of the ​new Venturi powertrain. ​Stephane Sarrazin’s ​amazing performance in Putrajaya during Round 2 ​gave the team a great boost.​ After a qualifying round putting him in position 2 on the grid, Sarrazin had trouble with the car and left the start line in last position, but finished the race in 4th place, proving his ability but also the efficiency of the well-designed Venturi powertrain.

Before Punta Del Este ePrix, Franck Baldet leading The team, says ​ “​So far our ​results ​have been encouraging but not completely satisfactory. ​We took advantage of ​ the last few weeks to strengthen our working methods ​and ​ to reduce ​as much as possible any problems that Stephane faced in Putrajaya. Jacques Villeneuve w​ho has​ less experience ​in Formula-e​ has already demonstrated that he ​is able to be very competitive in qualifying rounds, and in the races. We are confident that ​both of our drivers have the ability to manage the battery energy in the race for fighting at the forefront.
Punta Del Este’s track holds good memories for the Venturi Team. Stephane Sarrazin was the ​fastest during the testing day last year setting the best lap ever ​at ​1’1″649.

Test day – Sunday December 20th

​The ​team will be working hard directly after Saturday’s race to prepare for the testing day on Sunday. “Regulations prohibit us from testing new components” explains Franck Baldet “so we are going to focus on optimizing performance and energy consumption in different circumstances. As Jacques had some mechanical issues during the prep days in Beijing and Putrajaya, is going to drive a lot.”

All mechanics will be under a new kind of pressure Saturday afternoon, having to dismount the cars as fast as possible and preparing every detail to be ready to test on Sunday. After Saturday’s race the season will have been nearly one third finished with only 7 races remaining. The testing session on Sunday will be a good way to get prepared for the rest of the championship.


Fans can vote on Fanboost for Jacques Villeneuve or Stéphane Sarrazin to​ give them ​extra power during the race. Don’t forget that any Instagram or Twitter post including #FanBoost and #StephaneSarrazin or #JacquesVilleneuve will be counted as a vote. You can vote everyday,​ on​c​e ​per day​ until race day and in the few minutes following the start ​of the race​. Be involved in our results: vote!

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