Unveiled for the first time in 2004, the Fétish is the first sports car specifically designed to be electric. Thanks to its resolutely sporty character, its wealth of technical innovations and its cutting-edge design, the Fétish heralds the dawn of a new era for electrical vehicles.

“The key words that best defines its style are “sensuality and emotion”, though “passion and pleasure” also convey what one feels behind the wheel.”

Sacha Lakic, designer

Since 2004, the Fétish displays hitherto unseen levels of performance for electric vehicles. Its 300 HP motor combined with its light weight of 1,200 kg (2646 lbs) produce a 0-100 (0 – 62 mph) time of 4 seconds, making the Fetish a pure adrenaline machine.


Electric roadster – 2 seats
2 driven wheels at the rear

CBMM Niobium Mexico City E-Prix 2020 24 Days 8 Hours 25 Minutes 31 Seconds

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