The fruit of a technical collaboration between Venturi Automobiles and Michelin, the Volage is the 1st vehicle to be designed using Active Wheel technology©.
Thanks to its handling, tractability and quiet operation, the Volage is the culmination of current automotive technology.



“The science of aerodynamics is the main tool that has been used to dictate its shape.”


Sacha Lakic, designer

With its 4 active suspension drive wheels, the VOLAGE has no equivalent. The MICHELIN Active Wheel technology© incorporates 2 electric motors per wheel (1 for the suspension and 1 for the drive), making a total of 8 motors controlled in real time by cutting edge electronics.

Roadster – 2 seats
4 driven wheels
Power 300 HP / 220 kW (4 x 55 kW)
Motor torque 232Nm (171 lb/ft) (4x58Nm (43 lb/ft))

CBMM Niobium Mexico City E-Prix 2020 25 Days 1 Hours 43 Minutes 44 Seconds

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