Berlin, 19 May 2018
With an eighth place finish, VENTURI Formula E team driver Maro ENGEL added another four points to his total, giving the Monegasque team their fifth consecutive points-scoring race of the season in the ABB Formula E championship.



During the two practice sessions, work focused primarily on the brakes, since deceleration is particularly important on the Berlin track. Although it took some time to perfect optimal braking, overall vehicle balance was achieved quickly. The team also monitored wear on the tyres very closely during the morning sessions: the surface at the former Tempelhof airport causes premature damage.
Maro ENGEL (group 2) chalked up the thirteenth fastest time in the qualifying sessions and Tom DILLMANN (group 3) scored the twelfth.


The two VENTURI drivers got off to a good start. During the first lap, Maro ENGEL broke away from three rivals, while Tom DILLMANN climbed up a spot in the ranking. Over the first third of the race, Maro ENGEL pulled himself up to a steady ninth position, with Tom shifting between tenth and eleventh, but the recovery of José-Maria LOPEZ (DRAGON RACING) and then NICK HEIDFELD (MAHINDRA RACING) relegated Maro and Tom to eleventh and twelfth places, respectively.
After changing cars, ENGEL lay in twelfth position and DILLMANN in thirteenth. In the space of eight laps, Maro ENGEL – driving in front of his home crowd – overtook four opponents to take eighth place with 11 laps to go. Meanwhile, Tom DILLMANN climbed from thirteenth to tenth position in nine laps, but he was unable to hold on to his spot after veering off course.
Maro ENGEL reached the chequered flag in eighth place, with Tom DILLMANN finishing thirteenth.


“I was happy with twelfth spot in the qualifying session. I set a good pace during the race itself, but I foolishly lost four seconds in the pits when my leg got stuck in a seat belt. That cost me dear because I had to use more energy than planned to recover the progress I made during the first part of the race. I was in the running today, and that’s what I want to hold onto.”, Tom DILLMANN, VENTURI Formula E team driver.

It was a good race. The battle to get up to eighth place from thirteenth was intense. As always when there’s a lot of overtaking, you need to keep an eye on energy consumption. That went well from start to finish. The car performed admirably, aside from a few niggles with the energy regeneration controls. I’m thrilled to have chalked up some more points.”, Maro ENGEL, VENTURI Formula E team driver.

“It was a great race and once again we showed that we can maintain a good pace. There’s some more work for us to do to make progress in a few strategic areas. Maro managed his two runs well. Tom made a great return to the team, also setting out to reach the top ten. There are three races left, and even though we’re already preparing for next season, we’re going to give it our best right up until the final race in New York on 15 July.”, Gildo PASTOR, President of VENTURI Formula E team.

The next race will be in Zurich (Switzerland ) on 10 June 2018 for the tenth event of the championship.



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