First unassisted crossing of the southern part of Africa with an electric vehicle, recharging on the spot in a part of the world where 70% of the population have no access to electricity.

In 38 days, Xavier Chevrin completed his second expedition at the wheel of a 2WD Citroën Berlingo“Powered by Venturi” :

  • Nearly 6,000 km covered across 6 countries
  • 600 km of rough tracks
  • 40 battery recharges

Setting off on May 11th, 2012, from the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and after crossing 6 different countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa), Xavier arrived at the University of Johannesburg on June 18th.

This was an unassisted world première in a part of the world where 70% of the population have no access to electricity.

The 40 or so battery recharges all along the way were possible thanks to encounters with local inhabitants.

“Up until now, all builders of electric cars have carefully avoided doing anything at all on the continent of Africa, arguing that electricity supplies are insufficient and that the state of the roads is too unforeseeable. Venturi has just proved that electrical technology can also be adapted to all terrains, which opens up new perspectives at both economic and environmental levels.” 

Xavier Chevrin, Venturi eco-explorer, June 2012.

“As for the Shanghai/Paris expedition, it must not be forgotten that this is a standard car which was subjected to conditions for which it was not designed. Before sending a vehicle out onto the road, we perform laboratory and race-track tests. Confronting rough tracks in Africa is like finding oneself in an extraordinary laboratory, which always brings results and progress.” 

Gildo Pallanca Pastor, President of Venturi, June 2012.

MARRAKESH E-PRIX 9 Days 1 Hours 43 Minutes 41 Seconds

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