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A team with real drive

Gildo Pastor
Gildo Pastor
Visionary President

With a natural flair for entrepreneurship, Monegasque businessman Gildo Pastor started his first company at the age of 18. Three years later, he oversaw the construction of Monaco’s biggest office building, which has been home to Venturi since 2000. As a business angel, he has invested in around twenty innovative businesses all over the world.

In 2000, the motoring enthusiast took over the reins of French sports car manufacturer Venturi. Gildo Pastor is not just a successful entrepreneur but a true visionary, with a close interest and a passionate belief in the huge potential of electric automotive technology. When he acquired Venturi, and despite electric mobility being in its infancy, his conviction that it represented the future led him to make a surprising strategic decision: the firm would now specialise in “high performance” electric vehicles. Thanks to his drive and determination, Venturi models have inspired and continue to inspire the world’s biggest manufacturers of electric vehicles.
Sacha Lakic
Sacha Lakic
Inspired Designer

Very early on, Sacha Lakic developed a strong affinity for aesthetics, fluidity and dynamics. Fascinated by cars and motorcycles, his first foray in the automotive world was in interior styling for Peugeot. He then joined the Franco-Japanese manufacturer MBK-Yamaha, where he designed all of the brand’s creations, from concept bikes to mass-produced scooters.

In 1994, he founded his own firm, Sacha Lakic Design in Paris. His next collaboration was with the French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan Motors, for whom he designed “Black Magic”, a roadster with a distinctly sporty driving position. Sacha Lakic has also worked with major names in furnishing and interior design, including Roche-Bobois.

In 2001, a happy quirk of fate saw him encounter Gildo Pastor at the Paris Motor Show. The two men quickly became friends, forging a hugely productive working relationship as the Monegasque entrepreneur, fresh from his takeover of Venturi, asked the designer to come up with drawings for the firm’s first ever electric car, Fetish. Twenty years on, their successful collaboration goes from strength to strength, and Sacha Lakic has designed every one of the Monegasque manufacturer’s models.

Xavier Chevrin
Xavier Chevrin
Intrepid President of Venturi North America

With a PhD in American Business, Xavier Chevrin has a most unusual background. A former lecturer in French civilisation and sociology at the University of Beijing, he went on to work in a variety of roles, including Head of Education at the Cité de l’Espace space science centre in Toulouse (France). He also worked on overseas cooperation assignments for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was Head of Public relations with the Armies Ministry in Lima (Peru).

A real modern-day adventurer, Xavier Chevrin has undertaken a number of epic journeys, becoming the first person to travel from Paris to China on an electric scooter, and horse-riding a historic trail in the American South-West under 19th century conditions.

Word of his extraordinary exploits came to the notice of Gildo Pastor, who invited him to conduct endurance tests for Venturi’s vehicles. Those tests have seen him rack up longer distances than anyone has ever travelled before in an electric vehicle, driving from Shanghai to Paris (Mission Shanghai to Paris: 14,900 km) and crossing East Africa (Mission Africa: 5,800 km) in unique conditions.
Subsequently, Gildo Pastor asked him to take the reins of Venturi North America, the firm’s US branch based in Columbus, Ohio, where part of the development work on Venturi’s land speed record vehicles is carried out, with the invaluable collaboration of Ohio State University and its students.

<span>T</span>he R&D centre<br>in Monaco

The R&D centre
in Monaco

At Venturi’s headquarters in Monaco, in a contemporary setting designed by Sacha Lakic, a team of fifteen dedicated people work to bring the company’s projects to life.

The R&D department is at the heart of the business: all vehicles are designed and assembled in the Group’s Monaco facilities. The other departments that contribute to the success of each project are: mechanics, marketing, finance, human resources, logistics and communication.