Felipe and Edo answer your questions ahead of the new season!

Q: Edo, you’re going into your third Formula E season, what do you think you’ve improved on since your first race? [@theusbarretosf on Instagram]


EM: “Well, hopefully everything! As a driver you tend to improve every aspect of racing when you’re in the same championship for multiple years. It can be driving – but it’s also about how you approach the race weekends. I guess I’m a much better driver now than when I started.”


Q: Felipe, do you want to race Felipinho? [@ljw_eunarail530 on Twitter]


FM: “I think it would be fun to race together maybe in the same team or maybe competing against each other. We do a lot of competition in football and it’s getting more and more difficult for me, so it would be fantastic to be able to race against him or even together with him in the future.”


Q: What is your favourite thing about participating in Formula E? [@Lexliit on Instagram]


EM: “The coolest thing about Formula E is that on top of being an entertaining championship you have that feeling that you are helping the development of EVs. That’s a big thing for me. I consider electric mobility as the future, so being part of the championship that is promoting that is cool.”


FM: “I think Formula E is a fantastic championship. I’m really happy to be a part of it because you have a very big challenge in qualifying and we are racing in some of the most incredible battles on the track – saving battery, racing on city streets with low grip and against good drivers. In the end, it’s quite a big challenge but also a good example to people of electromobility. When you put it together, it is a fantastic championship.”


Q: Felipe, do you think the team can fight for the Constructors’ Championship? [Hao Daniel on Facebook]


FM: “I really hope so! I really hope we have the possibility to fight for the Constructors’ Championship but also the Drivers’ Championship. This is always target and I really hope that we can have a competitive season in front of us.”


Q: Edo what do you think of the new additions to the race calendar for Season 6? [Gus on Facebook]


EM: “Awesome! We’re going to Jakarta, London – very nice places. I can already see myself spending a little bit of time in Indonesia maybe for some holidays with the family, so that’s great. I’m looking forward to the new racetracks.”


Q: Felipe, how does it feel to have Susie as your Team Principal? Do you find it a bit easier to communicate about racing stuff since you worked together at Williams? [ @Greekf1fan (Miltos) on Twitter]


FM: “It’s really good to work with Susie. We used to work together in a different situation. both as drivers at Williams. She was the Williams test driver and now she is the Venturi Team Principal. I think it’s quite nice because you talk to her and she understands straight away the driver’s mentality – what I feel about the car, if something needs to be better within the team. It’s good to have somebody who has been part of who you are as a driver.”


Q: Edo, which video game power-up mode do you want to see next in a future Formula E car? [@AH_ismyname on Twitter]


EM: “The funniest thing would be to influence the race of the others – maybe throwing bananas at them like in Mario Kart… that would be funny!”


Q: If you could choose one country to host a new E-Prix, which one would it be and why? [@kevinkszth97 on Instagram]


FM: “If I need to choose a country to race in with Formula E, I would say Brazil! I am Brazilian and I’m looking forward to a proper home E-Prix in Brazil – something that I did all my career in Formula 1 – hopefully in the future.”


EM: “India! I’ve never been to India and I would like to go there.”


Q: Felipe, how long do you spend in the gym training? [@f1oholic on Twitter]


FM: “I really like to train – but I mainly like to do exercise because it’s good for you. It’s good for your health and you feel better when you are in good shape. At the end, it’s not only for the racing but also for myself, so I try to go as much as I can when I am free at home – maybe three to four times a week. The days I’m not in the gym I run, so I try to mix between working the muscles but also doing cardio.”




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