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Circuito de Puerto Madero

Circuit Guide

Just a stone’s throw from the park that the Buenos Aires ePrix calls home is a statue of Juan Manuel Fangio and his title-winning Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 car. It’s an illustration not just of the transition from the past to the future of motorsport an electric racing, but also a symbol of the Argentinian fans’ love of motorsport. And they have been treated to two fabulous races on the 2.4-kilometre circuit. In season one, Antonio Felix da Costa triumphed in the most unpredictable race to date, while in season two Sebastien Buemi almost won from 18th on the grid, but denied by a superb drive by Sam Bird.

Driver’s Guide
Antonio Felix da Costa, Team Aguri

“Last year was my first time in Buenos Aires, and Argentina actually. Of course the country has a racing background which is good for Formula E when we bring the racing out into the streets, I think it makes it really easy for people to go to the track and watch it. I think it was one of the best races with everything combined last year with all the fans and the track. I think we’re in for a really nice time and race, with a lot of people and lucky feathers and there’s really good food around there as well so I’m really looking forward to go back!


“You know these kind of race races; Malaysia and Buenos Aires, anything that hot is what we train for. We do some special training dedicated to that. It’s never a big issue for us drivers and I think it’s a bigger issue for the cars. I don’t think any car at the end of the day stopped with a temperature problem (in Putrajaya) but it definitely slowed everybody down, it altered everyone’s strategies and how much everyone was using the regeneration. It’s certainly very tricky and changes everything for the teams and the drivers, and it’s very easy to make a mistake. But at the end of the day for you guys outside watching it, it’s going to bring more interest and it’s going to bring everyone closer together.


If you can line someone up there’s a good overtaking spot at turn four. Obviously turn one and then turn seven, and I think before the last chicane is also a good opportunity. Everybody is very sensible in Formula E, and that’s a good thing. Every driver has a lot of respect for each other. We have not seen in season two any stupid crashes from the racing so far and that’s the beauty of Formula E when you bring professional drivers together, it gives for good racing. I think this is where we really have an edge over other categories.”

2020 ANTOFAGASTA MINERALS SANTIAGO E-PRIX 33 Days 7 Hours 38 Minutes 36 Seconds

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