Round 4|06 February 2017



Circuito Hermanos Rodriguez

Circuit Guide

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez has held numerous races from Formula 1 to the World Endurance Championship during its illustrious history and many different configurations. A brand new, 2.1km layout was created for the arrival of Formula E in 2016. At over 2500m, the track is the highest in Formula E – and one of the highest in the world. It was also the first time that a Formula E race took place on a ‘permanent’ road course. In the race Lucas di Grassi won on the road but was disqualified for being underweight, handing victory to Dragon Racing’s Jerome D’Ambrosio.

Driver’s Guide
Salvador Duran, Team Aguri


“The first complex and approach to turn one looks like a very interesting corner, a very fast chicane. The second part where you exit, you’re already into another corner, you’re already into the oval and the normal part of the circuit. It’s going to be quite interesting to see how the drivers manage to exit with as much speed as they can. Turn four looks like a very slow corner to the right and then you get a lot of change in direction as you go through another left corner which is practically a U-turn. You have to be very careful on the exit as well because after that you have the straight before entering into the stadium.

I love it because there is one part that is actually a stadium. The configuration of the track means that we go through there on two occasions and I think all the people there are going to be so excited because being in the stadium, the excitement is going to be contagious! I really like that part and the other point is that we have so many grandstands along the start/finish straight and over the pits as well. It looks like it’s going to be very challenging. The best overtaking spot I’ve seen will be the entry into the stadium, that’s going to be the most interesting bit.

The fans here are really loud! They are really passionate. They are really excited about what we can offer because they really want to see a car running. I would say they don’t quite understand and even the media doesn’t understand Formula E cars. That’s why it’s going to be so good when we get there and show them what we have. It’s not only about the car, it’s also about the show Formula E brings to every single place it goes to.”

2020 ANTOFAGASTA MINERALS SANTIAGO E-PRIX 33 Days 21 Hours 15 Minutes 18 Seconds

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