R6 | 20 MAY 2017



Circuit des Invalides

Circuit Guide

Paris – The City of Light – is one of the most famous in the world. France is the country where motorsport as we know it today was created and the city itself is part of that history. At just 1.9 kilometres, the track is the shortest used in season two, although the Monaco track used in season one was shorter. The race takes place around the historic Les Invalides complex, where a sold-out crowd will have plenty of local heroes to cheer on.

Driver’s Guide
Loic Duval, Dragon Racing

“I joined the series last year in the middle of the season and I saw the calendar for this year and I was thinking, of course you expect Formula E to go to city-centres, in the best cities around the world, and you really wanted Formula E to be in Paris. I think it’s well deserved for the city, and the championship to be able to race here. To have a sports event in the city-centre is always positive, to bring the race to the people. When the red lights go out, it’s our turn as racing drivers to make the show a little bit special.

“It looks quite quick in some areas with medium and high-speed corners. Some areas look a bit tricky with really tight corners so there’s always going to be a way to manage the set-up between the fast parts and slow corners, that’s going to be something special. It looks like there are two long straights and a lot of opportunities to overtake to fight with the other guys, it looks really promising.

“I think with the experience of the Formula E guys and the organisation, we’ve been to tracks before where it’s been really difficult to drive, I remember Moscow last year and London and they’ve always managed to find a solution and now they have even more experience. In France we even have a famous cycling race which is the Paris-Roubaix, and there are these kinds of roads. In a way also, if it was possible to have these kinds of difficulties, it would make the race more special and the track more special, we’ll see how it ends up.”

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