Endowed with an extremely compact power train developed by Venturi, the electric “Berlingo First” and electric “Partner” house their motor units, gear reduction units and batteries in their front compartments in place and stead of a combustion engine.

Thanks to this major asset, this design, a world première, retains the vehicle’s volume and carrying capacity which remain identical to those of the combustion version.

As for the batteries, ZEBRA technology (Nickel Sodium Chloride) provides a reliable, mass-produced and environmentally friendly solution. Its energy mass is 4 times higher than that of lead batteries.




Presented for the first time at the “Mondial de l’Automobile” 2008, this version met the specifications of the European tender launched by La Poste in April, 2007.

After several months of tests under real conditions in the Ile-de-France and Aquitaine, La Poste selected the partners VENTURI and CITROËN and acquired 250 Berlingo First Electrique “Powered by Venturi” in 2009.




Commercialised by the Citroën and Peugeot networks, 1,000 of these vehicles were delivered to 11 European countries.




As part of Missions 02 and 04 of the “Global Challenges“, the Citroën Berlingo “Powered by Venturi” has chalked up two world premières.

In 2010, covering over 14,000 km, Xavier Chevrin completed the Shanghai/Paris crossing through China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and France, thus setting a record for the longest distance ever covered by an electric vehicle.

In 2012, the vehicle was put through its paces on the continent of Africa. This time, the challenge was to confront an area, between Nairobi and Johannesburg, in which 70% of the population have no access to electricity. In 38 days, covering over 5,800 km including 600 km of overland trails, through Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, Xavier Chevrin successfully completed his journey in a new world première demonstrating, yet again, the endurance, robustness and reliability of this vehicle “Powered by Venturi“.

2020 ANTOFAGASTA MINERALS SANTIAGO E-PRIX 33 Days 21 Hours 29 Minutes 15 Seconds

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