Join us on a round-trip of the revised Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez… 


With Diriyah and Santiago in the bag, we head to the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City for the fourth race of Season 6.


An iconic racing venue, the 2020 edition of the race will be the championship’s fifth in the Mexican capital, having been part of the Formula E calendar since 2016.


Situated a whopping 2,500m above sea level, the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez has traditionally created thrilling action – and Season 6 should prove no exception.


A lap around the circuit commences at full throttle and pinpoint accuracy is required for Turn 1 – a right-hander with a bite. Here, the slightest lock-up could lead to a trip into the barriers.


Making sure not to scrub off too much speed in the first corner, the second is a constant-radius right-hander where drivers pin the throttle, battling oversteer to next arrive at Turn 3 – a new addition for Season 6 following the removal of the chicane of yesteryear.


Instead of tackling the former right-left-right complex, drivers will turn left to enter a new section of track – accelerating out of the bend to take the aggressive right-hand kink of Turn 4. 


A firm stamp on the brakes is required for Turns 5 and 6 – a double-apex, 180-degree right-hand sequence and potential overtaking opportunity come race day. 


Acceleration out of Turn 6 leads onto the back straight, where drivers snake through Turns 8 and 8 before braking for Turn 9 – a corner that leads into the Foro Sol stadium and the most technical part of the lap. 


Featuring four corners – three left and one right – the Foro Sol is one of the most atmospheric complexes on any motorsport calendar, with fans cramming into the former baseball stadium to see their heroes.


Snaking through Turns 10-13, where the Attack Zone also lies, Turn 14 is the next obstacle, with a flat-out flick to the right presenting the 15th corner where a slight lift is required.


Turn 16 mirrors the constant-radius corner of Turn 2 and, with the removal of Turns 14-16 in Season 6 [a left-right-left chicane], marks the final challenge of the lap.


Continual acceleration out of this corner brings the start / finish line rapidly into view, thus completing a hot lap in Mexico City!




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