The Prince Albert II of Monaco presented himself on Monday the new  Venturi Formula-E singleseater. 

He drove the car to the press in the private gardens of the Palace. “The message of Formula E is passed. Now, the public begins to find it interesting. It is a series that can demonstrate that performance can be associated to electric vehicles.”  said the Prince. A creed defended by Monaco’s Venturi manufacturer for over a decade and who last week set a new FIA World speed record for an electric vehicle with the Venturi VBB-3 (549.43kmh), the fifth since 2010. The Prince,  a real motorsports passionate, added: ” We hope to see the Venturi’s cars competing for the first places and win. You know how much I am attached to clean mobility and renewable energies. So I would be very proud if this team might shine the Principality’s colors.  The new Venturi’s car engine has an unprecedented  two gears gearbox, made in Principality in the Venturi’s workshops (Fontvieille’s district). The drivers in 2016/2017, for the 3rd season of the championship will be the French Stephane Sarrazin and German Maro Engel beginner in Formula E.

As in 2014, Monaco will host a Formula ePrix (May 13) and Formula 1 (May 27) quiet on the same track. “This helps to get the message to promote Formula E, but also to clean mobility, to get into people’s minds that this is a solution for the future,” concluded Prince Albert II.
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