10 rapid-fire questions with the drivers ahead of Season 6…


Q: What’s your favourite track?

FM: “My favourite track Spa-Francorchamps because it’s such a unique and challenging circuit.”

EM: “No question, it’s easily Macau – it’s the track where I’ve won the most races.”


Q: Where has the best food?

FM: “I think Italian cuisine is the best. I spent a lot of time there in my junior career.”

EM: “As I’m half Italian, I think Italy has the best food.”


Q: Which is your favourite city?

FM: “Miami is my favourite city. I enjoy going and went there on holiday this year.”

EM: “My favourite city is Vienna in Austria. It would be so nice to race there.”


Q: Which race has the best weather?

FM: “Santiago has the best weather. It was very hot there last season.”

EM: “Valencia? Does testing count?”


Q: Which track has the best atmosphere?

FM: “Mexico City.  The Mexican people have always supported me, and that makes me particularly proud.”

EM: “It has to be Macau. It’s a place that holds many special memories”


Q: Which track has the best fans?

FM: “Definitely Rome. Italy is so dear to me and I receive amazing support.”

EM: “Rome! As an Italian-Swiss driver, Rome is kind of my home race.”


Q: Which city has the best nightlife?

FM: “That’s difficult to decide. Maybe New York?”

EM: “Hong Kong has very good nightlife. It’s where I took my first Formula E podium and win.”


Q: What are you most excited about?

FM: “I’m most excited about taking my first victory this season!”

EM: “Season 6! I’m just excited about the coming season.”


Q: What are you most intrigued about?

FM: “How good our car is… For Season 6, we’re using Mercedes power and I’m interested to see where we’ll be.”

EM: “Season 6. This is Formula E’s most competitive season and it will be good to get started.”


Q: Who do you think will be our biggest rivals this season?

FM: “We are fighting over one second from the quickest to the slowest, so everybody is a rival for Season 6.”

EM: “Everybody will be our rivals – Formula E is such a competitive championship.”




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