Next stop Mexico City and a fresh set of challenges between two familiar venues… 


In Formula E, it is the continual pursuit of perfection that fuels us – and after every race weekend, we’re diving into data and telemetry, crunching every number to find that last fraction of performance.


But it’s not just the car that needs to be at the cutting edge. In fact, it’s every aspect of a teams’ operations that needs close attention.


The post-race pack-up process is a prime example of one such process. It may not grab the headlines – but getting it right is absolutely crucial:


“The Santiago weekend was very hard for the team,” explains Team Manager Delphine Biscaye, reflecting on our road from Chile to the next race in Mexico City.


“Not only was the race difficult and frustrating after showing strong pace in practice and qualifying, but everyone in the paddock was extra tired because of the heat. 


“Even though the race was cooler than in Season 5, temperatures were very high in the garage and this made the pack-up process challenging.”


With our freight packed up, however, and now at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, we’re refreshed and ready to tackle one of the most atmospheric races of the 2019/20 campaign.


Showcasing several track changes this year, with the addition of five new corners and the removal of a few more, we’ll be taking on a heavily revised circuit this weekend.


Naturally, under such measures, practice is vital – and it’s unsurprising to hear that the team have been hard at work to prepare for the fourth E-Prix of Season 6:


“For Mexico City this weekend we have an updated track layout, so it has been simulator, simulator, simulator for Edo and Felipe back at base,” continues Delphine. 


“They were learning the track changes from Wednesday last week until the start of this week and they’re familiar with it now. On the engineering side, we have also been refining our strategy software.


“After three races, what we can say is that we know we have a good car – and because we’ve got a good team, we know we can deliver consistent top 10 finishes – if not fight with the top three.” 


With strategy software advanced, Edo and Felipe prepared, and the team rested, we’re primed to take on the rest of the field in Santiago this weekend.




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