Salt flats nearly ready !

David Cooke Venturi VBB-3 team manager was on the Salt Flats a few days ago to observe the track. Things are going the good way there.

“The salt is without a doubt the best it has been since 2012. There is no water anywhere on the flats. That being said, what worries me the most is that there has been NO rain there for 5 weeks. There is bright white salt everywhere, but I think since it is so thin these days it does not handle even a little bit of water well, which means a┬ásingle big storm could be very bad. The weather has been over 100F everyday, which is normal, but was not the case the last 2 years.

As to the track, the middle 6 miles are good. 3 miles on either side are very bumpy, but with more grooming could be good. I would go 300 MPH today using about 9 miles. I would not go 400 MPH as the end miles become important and are not ready.”

Venturi’s next electric world speed record attempt should take place in September 2016.

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