Discover the newly re-modelled Parque O’Higgins Circuit in Santiago… 


56 days separate the Diriyah and Santiago E-Prix – and with the turn of the New Year comes the return of Formula E, as we head to the Chilean capital for a third time.


Since the Parque O’Higgins Circuit replaced the Santiago Street Circuit in Season 5, its high-temperature conditions and complex corner sequences have made it a true challenge for drivers.


With the mighty Andes as a stunning backdrop, a lap of the nail-biting track commences with immediate acceleration out of the final turn to optimise speed down the main straight and into the first corner.


The left-hander – new for 2020 – will be a big braking challenge, creating an exciting start to the lap before the drivers next turn immediately to the right for the second corner. 


A short straight links Turns 2 and 3, where a quick lift off the throttle is required to settle the car before flying through the virtually flat-out Turn 4.


Turn 5 mirrors its predecessor as the track narrows for Turns 6 and 7 – a tricky left-right sequence that can catch out even the most experienced driver, with the barriers lurking closely on exit.


Contrasting the previous technical complex, Turn 8 is a constant radius left-hander and one of the most iconic corners in Formula E.


Energy management is vital here – with high consumption over the race – while the high speeds at the close of this stretch also make it difficult to slow adequately for the left-hand Turn 9, where a firm stomp on the brakes can easily lead to a mistake in the heat of battle.


Turn 10 – the first of two hairpins and the penultimate corner of the lap – comes next, with the left-hander of Turn 11 marking the final overtaking opportunity.


Accelerate out of the final corner and that’s a lap of the Parque O’Higgins Circuit complete!






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MARRAKESH E-PRIX 9 Days 0 Hours 51 Minutes 44 Seconds

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