Dive into the new rules and regulations for Formula E’s sixth season…

The world of Formula E is constantly under evolution. Just as we have made changes here at Venturi Racing in preparation for Season 6, so has the championship – with a fresh set of rules and regulations set to be introduced in a bid to make the racing even closer than before.

Power means performance in motorsport, and for Season 6 drivers will have an additional 35kW of it available during races through the activation of Attack Mode. A 10kW increase on last season, this change will make the Gen2 cars faster than ever before in race-trim.


Continuing the theme of Attack Mode, the power boost can no longer be used under Full Course Yellow and Safety Car conditions, with drivers now having to go off the racing line under green flag running to activate the device – increasing the risk of being overtaken in the process.


New for Season 6, drivers will also have a fixed quantity of energy subtracted during Safety Car and Full Course Yellow conditions – the equivalent of 1kWh per minute for the duration of the caution period. This means that energy management at low speed is now impossible.


This alteration will enhance the effects of energy management further, leading to greater variation in strategy, more unpredictability and potentially even closer race finishes – something that is already synonymous with Formula E.


As in most sports, points mean prizes. And alongside all of the technical changes, a greater number of points will also be available under the new Season 6 regs. From now on, the fastest driver in the group qualifying stages will be awarded an additional point – meaning that a driver can now record a maximum of 30 points during a race weekend.


Last but certainly not least, the countdown clock will also now be stopped if a race is temporarily suspended, with the aim of completing the full amount of time designated for each race. This will remain at the discretion of the FIA Race Director.


And of course, amidst these evolutions lies the same uber-competitive championship we all know and love. We can’t wait to kick-off the new season this Friday!




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