Learn more about the pack-up process in Diriyah in preparation for the Santiago E-Prix


Formula E is not just a search for the perfect efficiency on track – it also runs deep in the logistical processes that make the race weekends happen. Careful planning at each event is essential – especially when preparing to head off from one venue to the next on the calendar.


No sooner had the battle stopped on track in Diriyah – and after a quick celebration of our back-to-back points finishes – we were already preparing for the next E-Prix in Santiago, Chile.


Despite seven weeks separating the opening two weekends of the season, the 14,000km distance between Diriyah and Santiago dictated the need to get our infrastructure packed up at the first available opportunity.


“We’ve got move in and move out time slots at every race,” explains Team Manager Delphine Biscaye. “Straight after the race, we sit down to check the car and how it is set up – noting what needs changing and what doesn’t.


“Once that’s done and after debriefs and dinner, we start packing. We usually pack in three to four hours but with the Diriyah race earlier than usual, we were packed by 22:00.”


With a multitude of parts and tools required for Santiago, it comes as no surprise to hear that this pack-up procedure is a finely tuned and carefully choreographed procedure:


“The pack-up process is very precise,” continues Delphine. “There is only one way to fit everything into the boxes so we make a clear plan designating who is responsible for each box, doing what at what time, how is it loaded, which crates got put in first, in which direction and what it was put on top of.


“This is the same for all of the boxes. We have four car boxes, two trackside boxes, one top box and one rim box. It takes a lot of time to plan this but when it’s done correctly and once you understand the process, it’s normally packed very, very fast.”


Practice made perfect very early on in Diriyah, with the phrase ‘start as you mean to go on’ perfectly describing our turnaround time at the season opener:


“In Diriyah, the scrutineers told me that we were the most efficient and organised team so far,” adds Delphine. “In past seasons, it has taken us at least six races to be really strong on our communication and administration, so that’s great progress. You can see that we are already one united team!”


With positive foundations laid and our freight bound for Santiago, we’re ready to keep that paddock-leading form going both on and off track this weekend in Chile!






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