Venturi Automobiles will be on display from December 4th through 10th with 3 vehicles developed by teams in the technological research center based in the Principality of Monaco. The Solutions COP21 program showcases for the public initiatives from multiple fields, proposing technological innovations for fighting global warming and providing clean and sustainable solutions for natural resource management.
Venturi Automobiles will be showcasing three radically different vehicles, all of which utilize innovative electric powertrains in different applications.

The Venturi VBB-3, a 12 meter long, 3.5 ton vehicle has established multiple land-speed records and has been developed in collaboration with The Ohio State University (USA) as part of a student teaching program. The VBB-3 utilizes a high performance powertrain (2400HP) and battery management system in complex technical situations in very high temperatures. The VBB program holds the electric world speed record set in 2010 at 495 km/hr.

Antarctica, an 8-wheel gear that can be mounted on caterpillars is intended for the Antarctic scientific community for navigating protected research sites in temperatures as low as minus 70 ° Celsius.

Finally, Venturi will display an electric single-seater from the Venturi Formula-E team where they are competing in their second season in the international FIA Formula-E Championship, in which Venturi Automobiles is also an official manufacturer of electric powertrains.

These three programs and vehicles all exist to promote and innovate in the research and development of EV’s. Venturi Automobiles has been considered a pioneer in this field since 2000. “It is an honor for us to participate in Solutions COP21, which showcases the best innovative solutions in clean and sustainable development. The vehicles we brought are designed for operation in the most extreme cases, and in a universe deemed impossible for EV’s, allowing us to continue to develop solutions that make this technology possible in everyday life.” said Gildo Pallanca Pastor, Venturi Automobiles’ CEO.

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