Venturi forms technical partnership with ROHM Semiconductor

The Venturi Formula E Team has been boosted by an exclusive technical partnership with the renowned Japanese semi-conductor and electronics company, ROHM Semiconductor. The technical partnership, announced on the occasion of inaugural EDF Paris ePrix event, will see Venturi Automobiles using cutting-edge material Silicon Carbide ( SiC ) technology in the Venturi Formula E cars to take advantage of the development permitted within the technical regulations in the field of  electronics from the start of Season 3.


“We are delighted to be partnering with the leading company of SiC and to have exclusive use of ROHM’s innovative   technology in our cars from next season. SiC enables us to improve our thermal efficiencies and   the electronic performance of   our inverters which will allow us to run higher motor speeds  ” said Venturi Automobiles owner Gildo Pallanca Pastor.


ROHM’s R&D personnel are working with our engineers and our partner McLaren in improving the inverter for Season 3 through a programme which is designed to focus on efficiency, optimization and performance. The SiC technology is regarded as a true innovation and one of the next steps in the development of power technologies. In this case Venturi will greatly profit from the partnership with ROHM where SiC is already well developed and entirely proven


ROHM will be displaying a Venturi Formula E show car at their booth at the forthcoming Hannover Messe trade fair for industrial automation and energy ( April 25th-29th ) as well as an inverter showing how ROHM’s SiC technology will be used within the Venturi Automobiles designed powertrain solution for Season 3 of the FIA Formula E racing series, the first all-electric motorsport racing series.


Speaking at the Paris ePrix event, ROHM Semiconductor Europe’s CEO Mr Christian Andre commented: “The FIA Formula E series provides ROHM with an ideal opportunity to showcase our leading position in SiC technology to the automotive sector. ROHM has diligently developed its SiC products with a view to expanding our automotive business and we view the partnership with the Venturi Formula E Team as a way in which to showcase our competences to a relevant and rapidly expanding audience. Venturi’s experience and knowledge of high-performance electric powertrain vehicles make them a natural partner for ROHM and we share a similar vision for development of EV powertrains.”





About Venturi

Venturi Automobiles is a pioneer in designing electric sports cars and has been pursuing a sustained electric vehicle innovation policy since 2000. Venturi develops the most advanced technologies available for extreme performance electric powertrains. In 2013, Venturi Automobiles entered the FIA Formula E series under the Venturi Formula E Team name and became an FIA approved manufacturer in 2015. For the second season of the FIA formula E series, Venturi automobiles supplies full powertrain systems for the Venturi Formula E Team and for the Dragon Racing Formula E team. Venturi Automobiles is the current holder of the FIA World Landspeed record for an electric vehicle with 495kph and will try to beat this record this summer on the Utah ( USA ) salt flats.


About ROHM Semiconductor

ROHM Semiconductor is an industry leader in system LSI, discrete components and module products, consolidated revenue was 3.1 Billion $ in 2015 with 20,843 employees. ROHM offers a large lineup of IEC-Q Automotive grade products, from commodity items such as transistors, diodes, EEPROMs, Operational amplifiers, comparators, and LDOs to ASIC and ASSP products, including LED drivers, motor drivers, and gate drivers optimized for Engine Control Unit (ECUs).

Moreover, ROHM has a leadership technology with the new-generation of power devices achieving breakthroughs in efficiency, heat generation and compactness through the development of new devices and material, such as SiC MOSFETs and  full SiC Modules. For further information please  contact

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