Venturi Racing drivers Edo and Felipe discuss the inspiration behind their helmet designs for Season 6

Whilst a racing helmet’s primary role is the protection of the wearer, this essential piece of kit also provides an awesome platform for self-expression. Throughout the history of motor racing, drivers have sported some iconic designs. From Jackie Stewart to Ayrton Senna and a whole lot more in between, the best designs have the power to stand the test of time.
For Season 6, both Edo and Felipe will be sporting new ‘lids’, with these new iterations an evolution of designs that have been used throughout their careers.
Sitting in pit lane at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo during a break in pre-season testing, our drivers discussed the inspiration, rationale and story behind their new designs.
Evolving ever-so-slightly from last season, Edo’s new helmet features a refreshed colour scheme, with the addition of turquoise and fresh detailing added to his distinctive white, black and orange design.
“For me, I like to pretty much keep a design but I like to change the colour, small details and intricacies with things that mean something to me,” said Edo.
“I’ve actually just changed my helmet designer so this is his first design for me and I’m really impressed. I gave him free rein on lots of the elements and without seeing the fully updated car livery, he created something that really works in tandem with my car which is cool and very clever. I like it a lot.”
Felipe will continue to sport the iconic blue, yellow and green branding that he has used since the start of his career. New for Season 6, though as eagle-eyed fans may have already spotted, is a matte finish – something that emboldens what he feels is an extension of his personality.
“I always keep the same design,” explains Felipe. “It has just changed to be a little bit more modern since I started in 1990 – my first year in karting. I like to keep the same design and the same colours because I think the helmet is more or less our face to the world when we’re in the car.
“This design started from my father but with different colours. His helmet was blue and orange and then I decided to do blue, yellow and green which are the Brazilian colours.”
Alongside the new finish, Felipe has also added the nicknames of his wife Anna [Raffa] and son Felipinho [Pipo] to the top of his helmet – allowing them to race alongside him throughout the season.
“This year I also just put the name of my wife, the name of my son and a little green heart,” added Felipe. “I’ve also had the Brazilian crest – which I think is quite nice – for a few years now and some other details which I think are interesting.”
As it turns out, Felipe’s design is one Edo loves – and he wasn’t afraid to share his admiration for his team-mate’s look.
“What I like about your helmet is that I can easily spot you and your racing car on track,” he explains. “Also, when you were in Formula 1, it was really good. Whether you like the design or not – this really depends on the person – at least it’s very easy to recognise you. That’s very important as a driver.
“I have a little story for you about the names because I thought about doing it and then I saw that you had done it! I think it’s a great idea and a lovely touch for your wife and child.”
It’s fair to say we love both designs as much as the drivers do and we can’t wait to see them on track in Riyadh and beyond!




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