Zurich, June 11th 2018
VENTURI Formula E Team sees just one of its two cars cross the finish line at the Zurich E-Prix. Maro ENGEL takes 11th place while Edoardo MORTARA has to withdraw, with the team just missing a potential points finish.



The team was plagued with mechanical problems during preparations. After the shakedown on Saturday, one of Maro ENGEL’s cars needed a new gearbox and variator.

By the end of the first free practice session on Sunday, a faulty battery on one of Edoardo MORTARA‘s cars was replaced.

Edoardo MORTARA chalked up the 14th fastest time in the qualifying session and Maro ENGEL took 18th place.


Both VENTURI Formula-E Team drivers climbed one position in the first lap, but at less than a quarter of the way through the race and in 10th position, Edoardo MORTARA’s rear suspension broke, forcing him into a wall and putting an end to his chances of a successful home race.

This was the first retirement of the season on mechanical grounds for the VENTURI Formula E team.

From then on, all hopes were on Maro ENGEL. The German driver was climbing well, holding 14th position with 28 laps to go and better energy levels than his direct rivals Oliver TURVEY (NIO) and Stéphane SARRAZIN (ANDRETTI).

But when the race was slowed at the 19th lap, the driver’s and team’s strategy was wiped out (see below), leaving Maro ENGEL no choice but to swap cars at this point to make the most of the full course yellow procedure.

Back on the circuit, Maro ENGEL continued to pull ahead, coming close to a points finish but eventually arriving in 11th place.



“The full course yellow ruined our strategy because we were planning to complete 21 laps with the first car. That would have kept us on the circuit longer than our competitors. To do this, we were in defensive mode for the first half of the race. It was working well, but we had to make the pit stop during the full course yellow when it was declared at the 19th lap. It’s frustrating to leave the first car with a battery still at 15%. Despite under-performing in the qualifying session, we had a real chance at scoring some good points today.”, Maro ENGEL, VENTURI Formula E team driver.

“It’s too bad because it was all going well, both the energy management and battery temperature. We were definitely heading for the top 10 because we were more competitive than our main rivals, but then the suspension broke and I hit the wall.”, Edoardo MORTARA, VENTURI Formula E team driver.

“Edoardo’s mechanical issue cut short the great show we were all watching unfold. It’s too bad. As for Maro, that was also bad luck because the full course yellow on the 19th thwarted our plans. Nevertheless, I’m looking ahead and we still have two great races to run.”, Gildo PASTOR, President of VENTURI Formula E team.

The championship’s final two races will take place in New York on July 14th and 15th.

As it leaves Switzerland, VENTURI Formula E Team is in 7th position in the team standings.



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