New trendy office space for Venturi

Today, the Venturi Group officially opened its new Monegasque headquarters. The constructor and specialist in high performance electric vehicles has chosen the year of its 20th anniversary to move into new facilities worthy of its lofty ambitions.


Two decades ago, Monegasque entrepreneur Gildo Pastor bought the French automobile manufacturer Venturi and immediately took two crucial strategic decisions, focusing on electric engines and moving the business to n°7 rue du Gabian, in the heart of Monaco’s Fontvieille business district. Today, the address remains the same, with Venturi’s teams moving eleven storeys down to occupy 1,100 square metres on the ground floor of the Gildo Pastor Center.

The move to the new facilities represents a key moment in Venturi’s history. Twenty years after forging a new path as one of the pioneers of electric mobility, Gildo Pastor is injecting new energy and dynamism into a firm that has now established itself as a group. The new HQ is home to Venturi, Voxan Motors (electric motorcycle manufacturer), and the Formula E team ROKiT Venturi Racing.


Gildo Pastor handed the vitally important task of creating the layout and architecture of the new facilities to Sacha Lakic, the gifted French designer known for his achievements in fields as diverse as architecture, art de vivre, automobiles and motorcycles. Every Venturi and Voxan machine built has been designed by Sacha Lakic.

The new headquarters are intended to be stylish, warm and industrial all at once. The bare concrete and visible ventilation shafts contrast elegantly with the pine wood ceilings, soft lighting and bamboo ornaments.


Through the imposing bay windows is a showroom, in the centre of which sits Venturi’s flagship creation: the VBB-3, the fastest electric vehicle in the world (549 km/h). The 11-metre-long “rocket” forms the backbone around which the Venturi and Voxan workstations are laid out.

Behind the space occupied by Venturi and Voxan is the second part of the building, home to ROKiT Venturi Racing, the Formula E team helmed by Susie Wolff. At the heart of this “competition” department is the team’s simulator, a vitally important piece of kit so central to race preparations that the rest of the facilities were designed around it.

The third and final area of Venturi’s new headquarters houses the mechanics workshops and electronics labs. In this part of the building, hidden away from view, the Voxan Wattman is currently being built. The motorcycle made in Monaco will attempt to set a new world speed record in its category (beating the existing record of 330 km/h) in Bolivia this July.


“In 2000, when I converted Venturi to electric engines, few believed we had any chance of succeeding. Twenty years on, we are going from strength to strength, and moving into a space that will enable us to grow even further. I am delighted to see the Venturi, ROKiT Venturi Racing and Voxan Motors teams working together in an environment worthy of our ambitions”. Gildo Pastor, President of Venturi Group

“I created a place that embodies Venturi’s values: innovation, technology, and environmental responsibility. This space is a place for sharing and exchanges, that symbolises our vision of mobility, our know-how and our future challenges. The eco-designed layout creates an atmosphere conducive to collaboration and creativity. It’s a unique place in which the most ambitious projects will gradually come to fruition”. Sacha Lakic, Venturi Group Designer

Venturi new trendy office VBB3

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Venturi new trendy office - opening


Venturi Automobiles new trendy office

Sacha Lakic - Venturi Designer

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