Venturi Global Challenges

Beyond the limits

Since 2009, Venturi has been pushing the human and technological limits of electric mobility with the Venturi Global Challenges. Inspired by the great automobile expeditions of the last century, these Missions aim to demonstrate the efficiency and reliability of electric vehicles.

Incredible speeds, extreme weather, tough terrain in the remotest corners of the planet… Venturi vehicles are tested in extraordinary conditions, and are making an indelible mark on our era with every new world record they set.

Mission 01:
Jamais Contente

The opening chapter of the Venturi Global Challenges, Mission 01: Jamais Contente aimed to set new speed records for an electric vehicle. For the challenge, Venturi developed the VBB-3, the fastest electric car in the world.

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Mission 02:
to Paris

Mission 02: Shanghai to Paris is a test of endurance like no other. The Citroën Berlingo ‘Powered by Venturi’ covered the longest distance ever travelled by a mass-production electric vehicle without assistance.

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Mission 03:
Back to Telegraph Creek

With Antarctica, the first electric polar exploration vehicle, Venturi has successfully completed its own zero-emissions version of Citroën’s historic Croisière Blanche expedition, by driving 42 km in the extreme conditions of British Columbia, Canada.

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Mission 04:
Kilimanjaro to Okavango

Mission 04: Kilimanjaro to Okavango was the first crossing of Africa by an electric vehicle without any assistance. From Kenya to South Africa, a Citroën Berlingo ‘Powered by Venturi’ covered some 5,800 km.

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Mission 05:
Kennedy Space Center

Mission 05 saw Voxan develop the Wattman, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, which will attempt to beat its own speed records in Bolivia by the end of 2021, in an as-yet secret location.

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Mission 06:
International polar foundation

Since December 2021, version 3 of the Venturi Antarctica allows scientists based at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica polar station to carry out their scientific missions on board an eco-responsible vehicle. This is a world first: never before has an electric tracked vehicle driven on the hostile white continent.

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Mission 07:

To commemorate the centenary of Prince Albert I of Monaco’s death, Xavier Chevrin, President of Venturi North America, skied 234 kilometres across Spitsbergen, a Norwegian island in the Svalbard archipelago which Prince Albert I explored in the early 1900s.

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