Mission 02:
Shanghai to Paris

Endurance record for an electric vehicle without assistance
The <span>C</span>hallenge

The Challenge

Mission 02: Shanghai to Paris is an epic journey reminiscent of Citroën’s “Croisière Jaune” (“Yellow Cruise”), one of the first rally raids of the 20th century.

Between 3 May and 13 July 2010, Xavier Chevrin and his partner Géraldine Gabin crossed eight countries from Shanghai to Paris in an electric Citroën Berlingo “powered by Venturi”.

From China to France, via Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czechia and Germany, the two adventurers made the first voyage of this kind in an electric vehicle, in stages of 300 to 400 km per day. Along the way, they were forced to negotiate deserts, sandstorms and snowy mountain passes at over 3,000 metres’ altitude, with the vehicle safely carrying them through all these extreme conditions, completing a voyage of 14,900 kilometres, the longest distance ever travelled by a mass-produced electric vehicle without assistance.

Mission 02: Shanghai to Paris was a test of endurance like no other, that firmly established the robustness and durability of the electric vehicle and its technology.

The Vehicle:


Maximum Power : 46 kW (63 HP)

Max. Torque : 180 Nm


“Zebra for Venturi”

Energy : 70.5 kWh (3 x 23.5 kWh)


Range : 400 km

Top Speed : 110 km/h

NASA announcement

Venturi’s strategic partner awarded NASA contract to support the development of artemis campaign’s lunar terrain vehicle

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