Innovation pioneers

A team with real drive

Venturi’s projects are driven by a visionary President, Gildo Pastor, and the extraordinary collaborative work of the passionate men and women who make up the Venturi team.

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Venturi reborn

Venturi is unlike any other company. From its origins as a modest French constructor founded in the 1980s, the firm underwent a radical transformation in 2000, moving to Monaco and becoming a pioneering expert in electric mobility.

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Concept Cars

Venturi’s concept cars have revolutionised the world of electric mobility and inspired the world’s biggest automotive constructors. Technological innovation, unique designs and special uses are all part of these exceptional vehicles’ DNA.

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Venturi in the world

Telegraph Creek
  1. Headquarters

    At Venturi’s headquarters in Monaco, a team of thirty dedicated people work to bring the company’s projects to life.

  2. Mission Jamais Contente

    Mission 01: Jamais Contente aimed to set new speed records for an electric vehicle.

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  3. Mission Shanghai to Paris

    Mission 02: Shanghai to Paris is a test of endurance like no other, in a Citroën Berlingo ‘powered by Venturi’.

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  4. Mission Antarctica

    Mission 03: Antarctica was Venturi’s project to develop an electric polar exploration vehicle capable of withstanding extreme

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  5. Mission Africa

    Mission 04: Africa was the first crossing of Africa by an electric vehicle without any assistance.

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  6. Mission Salar de Uyuni

    Soon, the Voxan Wattman will attempt to set a new world speed record for an electric motorcycle.

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  7. Back to Telegraph Creek Expedition

    The vehicle Antarctica travelled 42 km along one of the world’s most dangerous roads in temperatures as low as -30°C.

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  8. Venturi North America

    Venturi North America specialises in developing vehicles designed to set new speed records.