Venturi lab

Venturi Lab designs and manufactures mobility solutions capable of handling the extreme environmental conditions found on the Moon and Mars. The company was co-founded in Switzerland by Gildo Pastor, President of Venturi, in 2021.

Venturi Lab comprises a team of highly experienced engineers and scientists, each with between 20 and 35 years of experience in the fields of industry, development and research into cutting-edge technologies. Together, the team has more than 250 patents in electromobility, fuel cells, batteries, hydrogen storage, composite materials, manufacturing processes and space mobility.

Venturi Lab has the capacity to embark on basic research leading to a practical application which can be used on other planets. To do this, it makes use of a modern physics and chemistry laboratory, as well as its mechanics, electricity and microcomputing departments.

Venturi Lab’s goal is to invent, study, design and manufacture mobility solutions capable of handling the extreme environmental conditions found on the Moon and Mars. These solutions will use all types of propulsion compatible with hostile environments. Over the long term, the company also aims to invent technologies that will help to reduce land-based, maritime and atmospheric pollution.

In developing its technologies, Venturi Lab relies on two strategic partnerships. First, Venturi Monaco, which has been active in the field of high-performance electric transport for 20 years, and second, Venturi Astrolab. The latter is based in California (USA) and its primary objective is to build a rover for the forthcoming NASA and SpaceX lunar missions. In addition to these strategic partnerships, Venturi Lab collaborates with Thalès-Alénia in Cannes (France) and RUAG Aerospace in Zurich (Switzerland). These partnerships will make it possible to test new space technologies and present them to the European Space Agency (ESA).

“Since 2001, we have created high-performance vehicles with two wheels, four wheels – and even tracks – capable of driving at -50°C or up to 549 km/h, depending on the model. Today, I want to put our expertise at the service of space research, where excellence is the norm.”

– Gildo Pastor, President of Venturi and Venturi Lab.

NASA announcement

Venturi’s strategic partner awarded NASA contract to support the development of artemis campaign’s lunar terrain vehicle

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