The first autonomous urban electric vehicle

In 2006, Venturi unveiled the first autonomous urban vehicle in automotive history. Much more than just a city car, Eclectic is a truly renewable energy production and storage plant, for both solar and wind power. With its on-board charger, Eclectic can be recharged from any point on the power network.


Sacha Lakic, Designer: “It is customary to “stylise” an automobile. Eclectic’s unique character stems is based on a “designer” approach: it takes its form from its function. With its compact lines and central driving position, Eclectic was born for the city and offers both driver and passengers a real sense of security. In addition, the raised seat position allows panoramic views of the surrounding environment.”

Technical Challenge

With sustainable mobility central to thinking about urban transport, Eclectic is a versatile response to the real challenges facing cities, both now and in the future. Behind its “futuristic little robot” exterior lies revolutionary technology in the form of a clean urban vehicle capable of drawing energy in three ways: via its photovoltaic cells, its wind turbine, or a simple power socket.


Three-seater, zero emissions electric-solar vehicle
7 kWh battery pack
Solar roof panel: 0.8 m² of photovoltaic cells
Max. torque: 50 Nm
Top speed: 45 km/h
Range under battery power: 50 km
Weight: 390 kg (empty)

America Astrolab Eclectic FÉTISH Volage

NASA announcement

Venturi’s strategic partner awarded NASA contract to support the development of artemis campaign’s lunar terrain vehicle

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