Since 2000, we have embarked on a number of extraordinary challenges, transforming the improbable into reality. With every new innovation we create, we are accelerating the development of electric vehicles and spearheading the vitally important transition towards sustainable mobility.

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Venturi Global <span>C</span>hallenges

Venturi Global Challenges

The Venturi Global Challenges are a series of human and technological gauntlets in which we aim to push the limits of electric vehicles to the very edge, while paying tribute to the epic automotive stories of the last century.

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<span>V</span>oxan Motors

Voxan Motors

The iconic French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan set its sights on electric engine technology in 2010, when it was bought by Venturi. The Wattman, a symbol of the brand’s new direction, is now looking to reach speeds never seen before.

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<span>V</span>enturi Lab

Venturi Lab

Venturi Lab designs and manufactures mobility solutions capable of handling the extreme environmental conditions found on the Moon and Mars. The company was co-founded in Switzerland by Gildo Pastor, President of Venturi, in 2021.

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Formula <span>E</span>

Formula E

In 2014, Venturi was the first team to get involved in Formula E. Over the course of its eight seasons in the single-seater electric championship, the company has left an indelible mark on the history of the sport.

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